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Can you send and receive e-invoices from Aktiva?

Aktiva can send and receive e-invoices. Shipping and receiving is free between Merit customers, otherwise an operator fee applies. Both sending and receiving are available in all Aktiva packages, including the free 100 document package.

To send e-invoices between Merit, it is not necessary to activate the service or sign a contract, just enter the sales invoice and if your customer has activated the exchange of e-invoices with other Merit Aktiva users, press the send e-invoice button in the invoice header and the invoice will be sent to the customer.

Be sure to activate the exchange of e-invoices with other Merit Aktiva users in your company, in this case you will also receive e-invoices from Merit customers free of charge.

If you want to send e-invoices to users of other accounting programs, you need to choose an e-invoice operator (Telema or Omniva). For a more comprehensive overview of operator activation, please refer to this link.

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