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What is the user system in Merit Aktiva?

Aktiva has three types of users.

  1. The main user has full rights and can perform all actions, including inviting additional free and paid users to the company and assigning rights to them. Each company has one main user.
  2. Additional users with full rights (paid) can perform all actions allowed to them by the main user, except for inviting new users to the company.
  3. Free users with limited rights, which can be any number in any company and for which there is no need to pay anything. A free additional user can perform many activities that are in the Sales menu of the program, such as issuing and correcting sales invoices, adding and correcting customers and articles, plus some sales-related settings and some sales reports. An additional user with limited rights cannot make offers, orders, advance invoices and late invoices in the sales menu, and does not have access to periodic invoices and all sales reports.

All activations that require authentication can be done by a board member even if he is a user with limited rights in the program. You can authenticate with an ID card or mobile ID.